The Songbirds

Twin sisters. Mirrored souls. One voice.
Harmony of sound & spirit.

‘The Songbirds’ are a global act
with universal appeal
fusing new & ancient worlds.

Their music is both inspiring entertainment
& life-affirming experience.

They are in sync in ways

that no two other singers

could be & it’s magical

‘The Songbirds’ sang before they spoke.

Their mother, a renowned opera singer
in their homeland of New Zealand
nurtured her twin girls from the womb to
their birth as artists in their own right.

In their late teens the girls took flight.
In opposite directions.
Marla flew east to the U.S. & opera.
Marissa flew west to Australia & musicals.

Despite success & a sea between them
it was together that magic manifested.
Performing in Central Park NYC
for victims of 9-11 transformed them.
They committed to singing together &
bringing harmony to the world.

Singing together they become
one soul & there’s harmony,
healing & spirituality

In July 2009 they created their debut album ‘The Songbirds’ in the famous Westlake Studios in West Hollywood.

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